This video is all about weather maps, tracking Typhoon Wayne, and illustrating cloud coverage. Looking at a map off the coast of China, the video illustrates the cloud cover and creations of Typhoon Wayne and Vera in 1986. It also displays daily whether maps that show still shots of Typhoon Wayne as it travels off the coast towards land.

This weather map of the United States shows highs and low pressures. High pressure is when there is an uneven heating of the ground, causing the hot air to rise and spread. Low pressure is usually formed by air becoming less dense as a result of heating, which leads to storms. Some people call low pressure "Loser" weather. The arrows illustrates the direction that the pressure is traveling.


This is a pictures of the United States that illustrate the rain fall that happened on August 28, 1998. The light green color shows light rain or sprinkles; the yellow color shows rain; the red color shows sever showers, and the blue color shows snow.